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You are here: Coupons » 5 Free 6x8 Photos + 25% Off Families of 3+ w/ Passport Photo Purchase
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Appears in: Home & Garden, Travel
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Black's Photo

Added on: May 10, 2011
Expires: Unknown

When you get your passport photos taken at Black's, you can get a bunch of coupons as listed below:

  • 5 free 6x8 photos (value $1.95 - $0.39 each)
  • Prepay for 100 4x6 Prints on a Print+ Card for only $15 (value $29.00 - $0.29 each)
  • Get 25% off a a 6x8 Quick Print Book
  • Get 15% off memory cards
  • Get 25% off travel accessories
The coupons that are worth highlighting are the first two that are listed. If you add up the value of the first two coupons, the total savings would be $1.95 + ($29.00-$15.00) = $15.95. There's also a 25% off discount for passport photos for families of 3 or more.

Black's gives you a free Passport/ID holder along with your passport photos. This holder has a compartment to hold your passport as well as different slots for cards and money.

Remember that Black's has a policy where they will re-take the photos for free and refund your money if the photos get rejected for any reason at the passport office. The price for one set of passport photos from Black's is approximately $20 which is relatively more expensive than other retailers, but keep in mind that Black's will guarantee the quality of their photos along with a free passport holder and these other coupon perks as well.

To use this coupon in-store you will need to print this coupon.


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